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Originally Posted by montrose View Post
Not the only reason at all, who wouldn't love to have Peyton? But my understanding is the chief reason behing the motivation is it gives football operations an opportunity to make a move with the incumbent without needing to justify it to ownership and customers. This isnt out of spite or a personal vendetta but the feeling he'll set the organization back due to the inability to recruit players, the difficulty retaining players and complications in setting a strategy for personnel and philosophy.

The example used to me is the Broncos would like to build their defense to defend the pass, hence building around their strengths and preparing for the prevelant passing attacks getting more deadly annualy. However, because they dont believe their current QB plays the type of style that will create significant leads- more of an emphasis has to placed on run defense. Again this is just an example, not necessarily fact, as it was laid out to me.

That's why I'm on board with simply drafting Weeden or signing a FA like Henne (although that looks unlikely now) and moving on. I dont have to like it or even agree with it, but if the football operations side of the building feels so strongly this will fail (which in fairness to them, a staunch majority of NFL people believe will fail also) then there's no reason to waste time and make decisions out of their comfort zone. Just move on, but you dont have to get Peyton to do that guys...
so you just wrote a post in which your stance is that the Broncos should forgo Peyton Manning in favor of Chad Henne.

I just want to make sure this actually exists
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