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Phillip Lindsay

Originally Posted by WhoIsJohnGalt View Post
- the Colts signed Manning to a long term deal less than a year ago assuming he was the foreseeable future there.
- then Manning confesses that he's hurt and has been to Europe seeking treatment without telling the Colts before signing the contract.
- Manning misses all of 2011 while collecting a handsome $20M paycheck.
- the Colts decide Manning is either 1) not healthy, or 2) not the future and cut him.
- Manning goes to Denver, whose owner doesn't have the deep pockets many other owners do.
- Manning expects alot of guaranteed money to play in Denver and wants total control over the offense and offensive personnel. he wants NO injury clauses and wants the team to do whatever is necessary to get him the pieces to compete for the SB immediately.
- Bowlen has wanted to get back to the SB since 1997, but hasn't had the funds or players to get it done. yet somehow, Manning and his magic beans will solve all those problems.
- Tebow hating fans get orgasmic over the thought of bringing Manning in and trading/benching Tebow.

i don't get it. it makes no sense to me.

You're not doing it right. You're supposed to save the sour grapes until after the deal is made.
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