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Tim Tebow

Originally Posted by razorwire77 View Post
Yep. We're down the rabbit hole here. I believe Tim is good kid, and unlike a lot of athletes I think he's genuine believes in what he stands for and says, but the kids is a competitor and by definition as a competitor has to have a certain amount of ego connected to his abilities. Even Tim Tebow is not gonna be like "Gosh that was a mighty big knife you twisted in my side fellas, but can't wait to lead the team next year!"

You'd have to be naivete to think other wise.
Who cares? We're not talking hall of famer here. If Tim hasn't figured out that he's in a multi-billion dollar industry where winning ten instead of eight games (in a normal year) means millions of dollars, he needs to find a new occupation. Jake choked, and he got the boot. Tim was told what he needed to do to keep the job, but he was also told he'd have competition.
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