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Some USA Hockey facts with this being "Hockey Weekend Across America"

-Approximately 600,000 USA Hockey members ranging in ages from 2 to 80.

-Last year, adult hockey registrations surpassed 100,000, a growth of over 36% in two years.

-There are 217 NCAA Divison I men's and women's varsity teams and another 373 in the American College Hockey Association.

-The total number of girls/women playing hockey has increased 103% in the last ten years.

-Team USA has won six medals in the past four years. The USA juniors, inline (2), women, and U18 men (2) have all left competitions with medals.

-During the 1976-77 NHL season, there were 40 US-born players in the league. Last season, there were 202 Americans playing in the NHL.

-USA Hockey magazine has the highest circulation of 430,000 in the world.

-There were 63 Americans selected in the 2007 NHL Draft, 30% of all draftees, the highest in Entry Draft history.

-There have been 6 US-born players selected first overall in the NHL Entry Draft, starting with Brian Lawton in 1983.
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