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Originally Posted by Jay3 View Post
Newton runs it about as much as Tebow, in an offense that is not nearly as run-oriented. The Broncos should use Tebow's running ability more like the Panthers use Newton's.

Newton didn't look good yesterday. I don't know why that has to be such a hard truth to swallow. If Tebow threw 9-27 with 3 interceptions in a loss, I would say he did not play well.

And it was against pro bowl defense.
Well lets take a look with the rose colored glasses off

Carolina rushing rank= #3

Broncos rushing rank= #1

Newton rush att in 16 starts =122

Tebow in 11 starts= 128

Carolina defense rank= 28th

Broncos defense rank=20th

Newton pass attempts=517

Tebow pass attempts=271

Newton pass%= 60%

Tebow =46.5%

Newton QB rating = 84.5

Tebow rating= 72.9

Newton Yards passing= 4,051

Tebow= 1,729

Please tell me you wouldnt be excited about Tebow if he had those stats! Hec your excited now and he stinks as a passer.
Denver runs Tebow more than Newton runs and i keep seeing how posters here say your OL is awful yet you were number one in rushing. The only thing holding your team back is Tebow and as a Charger fan, im glad he will be the #1 going into TC.
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