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And I had a MUCH better idea than Bud Selig, re: the All-Star game he "called" as a tie for lack of pitchers a few years ago. MY IDEA would've had the phone lines burning up across America that night, as the game's ratings would have set all-time records! And baseball wouldda received well-deserved great publicity.

How, you ask?

Simple ... follow the rules.

Out of pitchers? Too bad .... but put somebody on that mound to pitch to the next batter, or I'll award him first base! See? THE RULES OF THE GAME! That's what would happen in a regular game ... the ump would wait a few moments, then penalize the team in the field for delay of game, and award the batter first base. THAT'S the rules of the game.

Back to that All-Star game ... so, Dusty Baker (or whomever) is out of useable pitchers? Put a SS or LF on the mound. The players would laugh and get red-faced as they swing for the fences, but ground to short ... it would be a Home-Run Derby during a game, and many balls would fly outta the park. Every Joe Six-Pack in America would be on the phone, calling their buddies:
"Dude! Turn the game on! You gotta see this! Adam Dunn is pitching to David Ortiz! No, serious, dude ... and Thome is on deck! No, dude ... they ran outta pitchers!"
It would only last 20 or 30 minutes tops, but imagine the fun as 10 or more runs are scored until we have a winner. (I was screaming at the TV!)
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