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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I was thinking about this and based on his nonsensical BS of previous rulings, he totally could.

"It's the duty of every NFL player, as a role model to children, to be held to a higher standard. Even though there were no charges filed, Henderson failed to avoid a dangerous situation. We also take player safety very seriously, and these acts are not in line with player safety. I have therefore determined for being involved in a series of dangerous, illegal acts that culminated in him being hit by a car, DeAngelo Henderson will be suspended four games four contract detrimental to the league; conduct that has sullied the NFL's pristine, good name.

Of course the player can appeal this decision - to myself - in the hopes that I'll randomly change my mind, admit I was wrong and in doing so, illustrate how stupid this process is. Good luck with that."

- Roger Goodell

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