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Phillip Lindsay

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
So what you are coming up with something people have to buy just because they are alive. It's like a life tax. If people want to pay cash for medical care they should be able to. If people don't want insurance to cover maternity, it shouldnt have to. You don't make standards you let the market decide. If there is a market for plans with no maternity then so be it. Ummmm you know single dudes maybe lol.

This plan is simple lets make young people who aren't sick pay 2000 bucks a yr or more to get insurance. Never mind 80% of them won't go to the doctor that yr. Genius.
Some of them will go to the ER. In fact, they'll have a higher rate of going to the ER because so many of them don't have fully developed pre-frontal cortices yet and they tend to take bigger risks and make stupider decisions. Genius.

Why do you think they pay higher rates for car insurance?
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