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Someone other than MacGruder and BroncoBeavis.

My understanding is that the offense Orton ran early in the season was McDaniels or at least a version of it.

It appeared to me they tried some of it at least initially with Tebow in the SD game, but it wasn't working and they went to more zone read type plays. Again, it appeared the same way in the Miami game.

Don't know if I have the terminology right, but the zone read aka spread option is setup by the inside and outside zone read runs. If those runs aren't going, then nothing can function especially the passing game. The o-line in this offense is more setup for run blocking than pass protection.

Also regarding that Denver had no WRs. It seemed to me in the last seven games that D. Thomas was coming on. I compared some of his stats against M. Manningham, J. Nelson, G. Jennings, and V. Jackson during the last five games and into the first two games of the playoffs if their teams made it that far and D. Thomas outperformed those guys in the stretch I mentioned.
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