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Originally Posted by Navy Broncos Fan View Post
Also not to be a stickler but I voted for vancejohnson82 and have a confirmed PM from Old Dude, and that would have put him at a tie for voted out should it not have?
Oops. You are correct. Your PM was a little early, but the problem is that it got buried under a series of moderator-related non-survivor PMs, so that when I conducted the tabulations, I didn't scroll down far enough to catch it.

You are also correct that your vote would have given VanceJohnson82 a second vote, putting him in a tie with Lev Vyance, and that Lev would have survived that tie as a result of fewer sharkbites.

Sooo. With apologies to everyone, I'm correcting that now.

Lev Vyvanse is restored to the list of Survivors.

vancejohnson82 is drowned and joins the ghosts.

All votes cast so far, for the upcoming Round 11, are voided.

The same rules for Round 11 will apply (with the adjusted cast of living and dead) and the voting deadline will be extended to 10:00 am., Tuesday, May 22.

Anyone who already sent in a vote in Round 11 needs to vote all over again.
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