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Thunder (RIP)

Originally Posted by R8R H8R View Post
You would only bet your life because you know that there is no way for anyone to collect, nor should there be. Besides, you're too good of a poster to lose such a silly bet that can never be proven one way or the other. Anyway, I am done with the political bullsh*t in this country...on both sides.

Football & other sports are some of the very few things we do that during the game no one gives a rats ass who you voted for, they only care who you are rooting for. If a handful of people want refunds from Directv, so what? It doesn't change the fact that I, and probably most of us that have the Ticket, will keep it and root for our favorite teams. Anyway, I am done with this thread as I am more interested in how the Broncos rebound and kick the raiders ass this Sunday.
I'd bet my life on that. I'd bet my life that Trump colluded. I'd bet my life on tons of things I'm 99.9 percent sure about.
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