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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Because every program has its own lobby buying its own congressmen. Read this:

Until the corrupting influence of money is removed from government, you'll never do anything about it, regardless of which ideological path you wish to follow. The first day a congressmen enters office, he gets right to work raising money to run again in two years. And for the next two years, he will spend the majority of his time raising money. What kind of system is that?
We need term limits and a law saying you can't be a lobbyist until you have been out of govt for say...... 5 yrs? Then maybe make the terms the serve for a bit longer. For instance you serve one yr term as senator and you are done, then you have to work private sector for 3-5 yrs before you can lobby the govt etc etc.

Then maybe increase their salaries a little to attract higher quality people. But in exchange we need to make punishment for graft and corruption at the public service level more harsh.
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