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Is It Draft Day Yet?

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Why should an NFL team draft you? Patchan: “I’m an energy-giver and quite honestly,
I’m a gorgeous dude, you know, so I’d be the face of every poster and magazine they’ve got in their town.”


Size: 6'6, 305lbs. 32" Arms, 9" Hands.
40 Time: 4.97
225 Reps: 22
Vertical: 33.5"
Broad: 9'5"
3 Cone: 7.45
20 Shuttle: 4.63

PATCHAN'S ADVERSITY (You think you've had it bad)

Patchan basically was a walking X-ray in his time at Florida. He played defensive tackle as a true freshman in 2008 (how long ago was that? Tim Tebow was a junior at UF that season), making seven tackles. He moved back to his more natural position of offensive tackle in '09 but played in only four games before he suffered a torn ACL in practice. He missed the 2010 season with a fractured wrist, then was relatively healthy and started seven times in 2011 at right tackle. But he missed last season with a strained pectoral muscle. During his Florida career, he also was shot (in a drive-by shooting at a park in his hometown of Tampa) and involved in two scooter accidents in Gainesville, including getting hit by a car.


"For his part, Addazio raves about both Patchan’s ability and dependability.

“Well, with him I know exactly what I’m going to get on game day,” the coach said. “He’s going to be at competitive excellence. What you call competitive excellence is when your number is called, you’re going to make your play.

“Everyone is different. Some guys can do it on Monday but sometimes under the bright lights on Saturday they find a way to cave under the pressure of the whole thing. With Patchan I know exactly what I’m going to get -- a hard, physical-playing guy. That’s what I’m going to get.”

"Matt Patchan was a consensus top-50 player and a consensus top-five offensive tackle nationally in the 2008 recruiting class, sharing space in the tackle rankings with Matt Kalil (fourth overall pick in the 2012 draft), Tyron Smith (ninth overall pick in the 2011 draft) and Mike Adams (second-round pick in the 2012 draft).

And if Patchan can stay healthy, NFL teams could take notice. In that 2008 recruiting class filled with tackles now starting in the NFL, Patchan was considered as athletic as any of them. He was extremely mobile, had great size and a large wingspan and played with a mean streak."

"Patchan found stability in the fall with the Eagles and coach Steve Addazio, a Florida offensive assistant for Patchan's first three seasons there. He started all 13 games at left tackle, helping a program that went 2-10 in 2012 become a 7-6 bowl team and Andre Williams rush for 2,177 yards and 18 scores.

"He's been very, very productive," Addazio told the Boston Globe in November. "He's got a tremendous demeanor. He was a guy who had been around national championships. So he could come in here, in a nonboastful kind of way, and give some good perspective."

Patchan dabbled a little bit of everywhere this past season — "left tackle, right tackle, fullback, tight end, wide receiver," he said."


A 5 Star recruit out of high school that has been dominant when he's been healthy but has been beset by bad luck and a few serious injuries. A superb O-line prospect that is ultra aggressive and physical, can play any position on the O-line except OC. One of the most athletic O-linemen in the draft and can chip in at FB and TE, and of course, the Tackle eligible plays near the goal line. His three main injuries, his torn pec, his ACL, and his broken wrist are all completely healed 100%. He made it through this season at LT at BC injury free and was the key person behind Andre Williams' emergence. Has an outstanding personality and is a very mature due to his adversity. The fact he has stuck to his dreams of playing football through it all speaks loudly to his determination.

The Bengals want to use him at LG and hopefully teach him some OC, where we have some job openings and depth questions. His athletic ability will be superb at pulling and his natural aggressiveness and toughness will only help. He can provide emergency depth through out the O-line as well. Due to his short arms, his days at OT are probably in the rear view except in a pinch. In the locker room, his zany personality and dedication to the game will be of great value and influence on the rest of the guys. This is a guy you have to root for, he's funny, he works hard, he's intelligent, but he's had the worst luck in the world. The talent and physical gifts have never been in question as anything short of elite. Hopefully, the bad luck is behind him.

Arkie and the Atlanta Falcons are on the clock, Pick made at 3:03 PM EST.

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