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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
I actually really like your analysis here.
Thanks for the intelligent thoughtful response.

However, I think that the Chiefs have been ripped up recently by some subpar offenses and QB's.
You are looking at yardage, not points. The Chiefs held the Browns to 17 and the Bills to 13. In fact the Chiefs have not allowed more than 17 in any games this year, How many teams have the Broncos held to 17 or less?

We should be able to limit the productivity of the Chief's run game, and i'm not scared by their short passing game, especially if Nacho returns at safety.
That's a good possibility, especially if the Chiefs continue to drop wide open passes. I'm hoping they address that problem this week.The Broncos are number 1 against the run because most of the teams they have played were behind and forced to abandon the run. The Chargers ran the ball well and kept the game close for a while, but their defense couldn't compete. I don't think the Chiefs will fall behind like they did.

The real indicator of this game is the ability of the Broncos O-line to protect against KC's pass rush (which I think is pretty solid). It will be interesting to see of we send Virgil green or Dreesen to the edges to help with the pass pro. if Manning has time, we will score 35+. If he is hurried, I could see our score as low as 20-23.
I absolutely agree that this will be key.

it's an interesting matchup, and AFC West football hasn't been this exciting in a few years (since the Ladanian Tomlinson Chargers, and the Preist Holmes Chiefs before that).
It should be a really good game and I can't wait to see how it turns out.
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