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Simon Fletcher

It isnt instant but your team has been playing that tune for awhile now. As for Ryan, he just got on the PP when Teemu went down so no, he had half of his goals str8 up 5 on 5 (including assists). +11 in 23 games isnt too bad either. Stop crying about penalties not being called. 4 refs out there and not seeing Grabbing in the corner in the 3rd period. That is also the same period that had the hand goal. Most that saw it knew what happened. You werent there so dont act like we didnt know better. Yes, you had a sell out vs the Flyers. You dont think that had anything to do with the team you were playing, no? We had a record crowd of 400 over capacity for a record the night before. Even the Kings fans didnt come down in droves to support their team. Regardless of your jealousy going on here, fact remains we are clearly ahead of you heads up, talent and standings. The trifecta!

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