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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Alf, how you like Bobby Ryan's first goal tonight? Dude is far from the bust you labeled him. Jumped from 4th line to 1st line and PP time with Selanne out. 3 to 1 (1 empty netter) and leaves the Kings in last place. You guys better do something next season or this "youth movement" will be getting old. Old like you labeled the Stars who are even ahead of you guys. Went to the game and not even sold out. Shows how the economy is effecting two teams playing each other only 30 miles apart.
First of all, your Dinosaurs got lucky tonight. If it wasn't for some BS calls, you wouldn't get two goals tonight. I got a chuckle out of a couple things tonight besides the dumbass referees...One was how Duck fans were whining about Pronger's disallowed goal...obviously they don't know the rules of the NHL. Secondly I loved how Gayward was talking about the Ducks youth as if they were on the same level of the Kings. Fester****ling or whatever his name is ****ing sucked tonight. Like I said about Bobby Ryan, he gets most of his goals on the PP. I'll take Kopitar and JMFJ in that draft over Bobby Ryan.

I bet the Stars won't be in the playoffs and Brett Hull has already screwed up everything there. I'm not worried about the Stars at all. I am more interested in the Sharks, and the Coyotes. They will be our primary teams we have to beat to get into the playoffs now and in the future. If you would check the standings, you would know the West is bunched up right now. We are 2 points out of the 8th seed currently! Hardly out of contention as you make it out to be.

As for your excuse the Ducks are sucking in attendance, the Kings have had a sell-out the other night. I expect they will have a sell-out on Thursday night at Staples.

You guys better do something next season or this "youth movement" will be getting old.
It's not instant. The Red Wings in the nineties weren't an overnight success. They stuck with the plan and now are obviously the best franchise in the NHL the past 10 years. Also we are 12 points better than last year at this point. The youth movement is working. We are sticking to the plan, it will reap benefits.

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