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Originally Posted by TailgateNut View Post
I think if you look back a decade, the areas of coverage were hit and miss, whereas now the areas which do not have coverage are limited to isolated areas.
Also the sheer number of cell phones today compared to ten years ago would make some sort of impact.
Ok some questions/points:

Cell phones use radio waves, but the atmosphere has been saturated with radio waves for over a century. Why now?

The cell bands are just a tiny portion of the radio spectrum and because of the cellular stricture are lower in power than other radio sources that have been around for decades such as AM/FM radio, VHF/UHF TV, amateur and citizens bands, VHF aircraft radios, short wave, VHF ground radios used by police, and fire, commercial band radios, and let us not forget the huge and powerful military radio systems including megawatt radars. These have all been operating for our entire lifetimes, yet the bee die-off has only occurred in the last year. So is radio the culprit?
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