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I'm quite mellow thank you. Just stating my position on this matter.

I used to be a big baseball fan - post strike and money demands + player attitudes I haven't watched a ball game in years. I couldn't even tell you who won the world series last year.

Same with the NBA

Being a fan of the Broncos from 1971 till about 2005 was a far different experience than it is today. A lot of those seasons we did not win all that much but there something special about the Broncos. Tebow brought a lot of that old feeling back for me last year. It was exciting to pull for my Broncos once again. If the Bronco FO don't see the value in that then I'm out.
I had gotten pretty indifferent to the Broncos the last several years and last years team re-ignited the passion. Hard to believe that could be replaced (good or bad) so soon. Thought we had a young core and were doing the proper rebuild thing. Looked forward to 'that' team growing. Might still happen, but feel like the wool was pulled over my eyes by the FO.
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