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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by claviculasolomonis View Post
Here's an example, not music related but may convey my POV:

I'm not a Johnny Depp fan (as in, i won't see a movie JUST BECAUSE Depp is in one), but i have found i own several movies that Depp is in.

Look, i love(d) REM, Radiohead, Tool, etc - but each band annoys me. They all have things i just cannot stand at times. Tool's 4min song intros, REM's later material just isn't always as solid, Radiohead can just get boring, etc.

So as it is now, i have bands i may scroll through first - but i have found that I'm not a Rolling stones fan, but i like several of their songs.
I understand what you're saying and it makes sense and all....but it really doesn't work too well for us record/CD collecting completists.

Speaking of R.E.M., that band's tanking after Bill Berry left is nothing short of tragic....have you heard any of R.E.M. Live yet? It's pretty sad how far they've fallen...the concert video that comes with the CD is unwatchable in it's constant jumping around.
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