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Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
I've heard this from a couple of people and I dunno....sure, you always tend to run into a song here or there that you take to for one reason or another but I always keep coming around fave artists of mine whether that be thru new releases or touring. They'd have to disappoint me consistantly before I'd give up on them and even then...not totally because one always hopes for a return to whatever it was you saw in them in the first place.
Here's an example, not music related but may convey my POV:

I'm not a Johnny Depp fan (as in, i won't see a movie JUST BECAUSE Depp is in one), but i have found i own several movies that Depp is in.

Look, i love(d) REM, Radiohead, Tool, etc - but each band annoys me. They all have things i just cannot stand at times. Tool's 4min song intros, REM's later material just isn't always as solid, Radiohead can just get boring, etc.

So as it is now, i have bands i may scroll through first - but i have found that I'm not a Rolling stones fan, but i like several of their songs.
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