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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN View Post
Terrible? Unlistenable?
Yes...totally emotionally fraudulent works calculated for a demographic...not a lick of creativity in any of them while having lots (and I mean lots) of laughable, ludicrous moments (my personal fave is the S&M hit "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" followed up immediately by the anit-child abuse song "Hell Is For Children" on Crimes Of Passion and her cover versions are some of the world's absolute worst (Pick 'em here...she butchered everything from The Young Rascals to 40's standards)

That's just a statement about your personal taste - not some objective reality.
It's my objective opinion....not based upon my personal taste. If my personal taste was the primary deciding factor, then there would be no way in hell I'd have given half the women I listed in my earlier post a first listen. Believe me, I check out everything I encounter and then weigh in on it.

The millions of fans who bought her records didn't think they were terrible
Most of the record buying public are sold on commercial radio and are of a very young demographic. Sales is never a good way to judge look at the highest sales chart of any year should be all the proof you'd need of this.

"Terrible" is an adjective I would apply to The Pretenders - I would rather listen to Benatar than Chrissy Hynde any day of the week (but that's just my personal taste - I don't expect everyone to agree with me.)
And they shouldn't because the first Pretenders album is generally recognized as one of the most brilliant debuts in rock history. There is no publication that I've ever seen that denies that......but I guess it probably sucks because it only contained one mid-level "hit" single and didn't sell as many copies as anything Benatar did at the same time Whatever.
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