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Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN View Post

"Great" is utterly subjective when you're talking about music (especially pop music) wouldn't you agree?
Absolutely ... the word "great" should probably be removed from the lexicon.

I think music - more than any artistic expression - is narrowly subjective. Subjective as hell. Unlike films for example, where grandpa, dad and the kids often love the same movies ... such broad appreciation of musical artists is absolutely unheard of. Maybe because there's lots more music than there is movies - it's easier to produce. Or maybe because movie writers/producers include many different characters in most every film ... usually at least one character can appeal to any demographic segment of the audience.

Keeping all this in mind, I try to remember that the appreciation of different kinds of music is the utmost in subjective taste, and each listener's choices should be respected (unike some Saga haters in this thread). Maybe this attitude is why the playlist I'm listening to now includes, coming up next: Kid Frost, 'Mi Familia'; Malo, 'Suavecito'; Hamiton, Joe Frank & Reynolds, 'Fallin' in Love'; Fleetwod Mac, 'Warm Ways'; Debbie Reynolds, 'Tammy'; Keith Whitley - 'Miami My Amy'; Led Zeppelin - 'Wanton Song'; Donny Iris, 'Ah Leah!'; RHCP, 'Breaking the Girl'; and on and on .... I love every single one of these songs. Now. Let';s see if Hogan can restrain himself from commenting ....

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