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Originally Posted by CoBear23 View Post
In all honesty the U.S. is playing their worst basketball of the tourney. Basically we can not catch a fu#$*&% break on anything. Missed free throws suddenly appear and Greece hit about 9 straight FG's.

You can put these two teams together 100 times and you might see this three times. The U.S. no matter what the outcome is still the most talented team in the world. Still a quarter to go though, plenty of time to establish some American dominance.

on a side note and I truly hate to mention it but in any international competiton the U.S. gets screwed by the refs.....Haters straight haters
ah, the favorite ref excuse.. though, to be honest, I catched only glimpse of the game so I can't tell if they have really been screwed. But then again the loser team's fans usually blame the refs..
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