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Originally Posted by Cito Pelon View Post
I hope one of those four books about WWI is "The Guns of August", by Barbara Tuchman. One of the most important books alltime.

If you want to read an interesting history book, read "The Road to Oxiana", by Robert Byron. It's a travelogue of he and some friends in 1933 trying to go from London to Afghanistan, via Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Persia. By motorcar. In 1933. Dude was queer as a three-dollar bill, so that might interest you.

One of the most interesting and entertaining history books I've ever read, and very interesting to read since it's just a diary. Not a bunch of fluff and opinion, dude talks about getting robbed here and there, talks about the accomodations along the road, trying to cross flooded streams in broken down vehicles, b****es about every damn thing with good reason (it's 1933 in Syria, Palestine, Persia, OK?) talks about the people and the terrain, very interesting.

Nice recommendation. I'll look for it.

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