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Originally Posted by Drunk Monkey View Post
Loved it. The second on is really good also.

He wrote / is writing a 3 book series that follows those 1000 years later. Waiting on the last book now.

I hated the first half of the book, and kept wondering why I was sticking with it. But most of the reviews that I read raved about it, so I did. And then when it finally dawned on me why the book was titled "Pandora's Star," interest started to pick up and we were off! I'm starting to run out of pages on this one and am expecting a cliffhanger towards the end. I'm thrilled now that he follows this one with another massive story. This one would make a great graphic novel and maybe even movie, IMO. The only thing that bothers me about it is that I think Wilson Kime is a jackass. I like my starship captains to at least seem like refined, intelligent people - not uncouth unrespectable pricks. But I can look past that for the great story.
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