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Someone posted this on another board, I'll re-post it here for some perspective.


The NBA came down hard with the suspensions for Friday's Ind-Det brawl that involved players going into the stands and punches being exchanged between players and fans. Ron Artest (Ind) was suspended for the rest of the season (72 games). Stephen Jackson (Ind) was suspended for 30 games. Jermaine O'Neal (Ind) was suspended for 25 games. Those total suspensions are upped by 1 game as they do not include Saturday's Ind-Orl game. The Players Association has already stated that they will appeal those 3 suspensions and an arbitrator may eventually reduce the length of those suspensions. All 3 threw punches at fans and Artest and Jackson went into the stands. Anthony Johnson (Ind) was suspended 6 games - he was the player in street clothes who punched a fan on the court right after Artest and the fan had a confrontation. His suspension will not start until he is physically able to play. Ben Wallace (Det) was suspended for 6 games for his two handed shove to Artest's face during the game and for throwing a towel at Artest after the players had been separated. Elden Campbell (Det), Chauncey Billups (Det), Derrick Coleman (Det), and Reggie Miller (Ind) were suspended for 1 game for leaving the bench during the on court altercation between Wallace and Artest. Artest, Jackson, and O'Neal will be listed on a suspended list so Indiana will be able to sign players for their spots while the players are suspended (and, thus, exceed the 15 player roster maximum). Commissioner David Stern: "The penalties issued today deal only with one aspect of this incident that of player misconduct. The actions of the players involved wildly exceeded the professionalism and self-control that should fairly be expected from NBA players. We must affirm that the NBA will strive to exemplify the best that can be offered by professional sports, and not allow our sport to be debased by what seem to be declining expectations for behavior of fans and athletes alike." Stern: "To watch the out-of-control fans in the stands was disgusting. It doesn't excuse our players from going into the stands."

The worst suspenions doled out from that whole melee to players who didn't run into the stands and fight with fans was 6 games. All this talk about Carmelo getting 10+ games is completely ridiculous.
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