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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by Black96WS6 View Post
I read over on Chiefsplanet another interesting fact to help push them over the edge as the worst team of all-time:

They're doing this against a last place schedule!!

Granted, these days it doesn't mean what it used to, but still, it sounds bad lol
It's far worse than that. They're starting to actually look at the numbers, and not continually blow sunshine up each others' asses.

I believe they found that they're 14-29 at home under Pioli.

You can really see the power of "social media" (a hideous term) in action with what they're doing over at chiefsplanet. They've finally woken up and realized that they follow a dog sh*t franchise. That's saying something as the Chiefs have been irrelevant for pretty much the entirety of their existence, and Kansas City fans' are in general a perversely stupid group. So the fact that they are finally starting to understand what's been going on for over fifty years is really something.

Just look at Chiefs fans. Really look at them. They got the early Super Bowl win, and then what? Nothing! They hang their hats on the ****ing Marty Schottenheimer era. Which is fine, but pathetically sad.

Oh well...they're flying banners and wearing ridiculous t-shirts together. So there's that.

It's all so beautiful.
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