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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
I had noticed something in the last game that I think makes alot of sense. When the other team is near midfield and trying to land their punt inside our 20 yard line, putting Leonard back there to field punts makes sense. He has better hands and is less likely to muff the punt in such a crucial part of the field. I also noticed that when a punt was being kicked from closer to the other teams side of the field, where a punt is more likely to be returned rather then a fair catch, Holiday is in there for those. I think this was a smart coaching decision and I think it showed during the game that it's the correct way to go moving forward. You can't just throw away the potential of those return yards by having Leonard field all the punts but you like him back there for those fair catches.

Yeah, good observation. Holliday is a good to have on booming punts. Leonhard is better possessing the ball on shorter punts inside the 20. The coaching staff, once again, comes up with an effective solution.
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