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The off-season.
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"The Greek"

Originally Posted by Bronco LB 52 View Post
I would rather listen to Coleman call the game than listen to the Channel 4 audio. His Colemanisms are great and my favorite one of all-time was when he cried, "Randy Jones is on the mound, the man with the Karl Marx hairdo".
I think it was last season when he one upped himself with the never before heard..."Oh double doctor!!!".

The three best things about going to the Madres games in the mid to late 80's as a kid were in no particular order...1) Watching T (ubby) Gwynn. 2) Going to ticket window C and collecting the "Goose saved the game pins" after a successful save. 3) Looking up to the broadcast booth to see the Colonel dangling that star out of the window after a sweet play (Robbie Alomar).

The "The Madres support the Padres" sign that used to hang above the left field wall at the 'Murph gets an honorable mention for some odd reason.
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