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Steph Alexander
Re: Neck Pony Nation!!!

I just can't see how anyone can not be optimistic about the Broncos chances this year. Under Ray Rhodes' direction, the defense has improved dramatically. On offense, we have at least two injured stars (Terrell and EddieMac), if not more, returning to the playing field. We might be seeing the return of yet another star to the fold (Shannon). Due to the debacle of injuries last year, the younger players on the team have gained a lot of much needed experience. And the o-line will, at least, be healthy. Barring injuries hitting us hard again this year, I don't see why we can't, at the very least, go deep into the playoffs. I know I may be looking at things through orange-tinted glasses (I had them specifically designed that way), but the world sure looks better to me this way.
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