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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
That you think Stalinism is the same as communism shows what an idiot you are. I've given my views on the impractical utopianism that communism represents numerous times on this forum. But you don't care about actual debate. You're just one of those mindless little fascist parrots of the Glenn Beck/Rush Limbaugh herd who can do little but fling names around while enjoying all the narcissistic delights of a juvenile scribbling on a **** house wall.
Stalin was a tool that Communists used to implement their will on the people. As far as debate and Communism go. All the facts are there. It doesn't work.

No, it's not because of the "impractical utopia". It's simply because the ideals which Communism is against human nature. If people have no incentive to work, to create, to invent, or prosper...they won't. Communism is against human nature.

I know you're against capitalism. What you fail to realize, is that the U.S. Constitution has created the most free, prosperous, and creative civilization on the history of earth. Your perceived corporate injustices are primarily due to the inability of government to perform it's basic duties. Instead, the US government has chosen to deliberately create wealth disparity with Socialist policies (which will never work).
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