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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Says the village communist.

The only thing good about Karl Marx is that he's dead. Since you haven't bothered to read any history books, let me be the spoiler. Communism led to at least 10 million deaths in Soviet Russia, and resolute poverty for the remainder of the non-ruling class.

Get a freaking clue, comrade.
That you think Stalinism is the same as communism shows what an idiot you are. I've given my views on the impractical utopianism that communism represents numerous times on this forum. But you don't care about actual debate. You're just one of those mindless little fascist parrots of the Glenn Beck/Rush Limbaugh herd who can do little but fling names around while enjoying all the narcissistic delights of a juvenile scribbling on a **** house wall.
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