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Derek Wolfe

Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
That was not a designed playcall, the protection broke down immediately and Manning panicked. It was 2cd and 6 for goodness sake as well, he should have thrown that ball away. He knows better.

However, if they ran that play (Sprint right option) on that third down its a low risk high reward way to play it with aggression versus passivity. There could also have been an incomplete there, but if the TE is open that's a real good risk I would take all day, every day.

Plus, that is not a standard DEN play and BAL would not have reacted well to that playcall. I gaurantee they would have had a shot at making the first down and maybe more.

I think that would have been a very good idea at the time. I agree the last play for us, wasn't a designed roll out. For whatever reason PM seemed to drift in the direction of the oncoming pass rusher this game. I think when he threw this terrible pick, he felt like he had to make something happen, which he did. I would have liked to have seen that ambition to win on the 3rd and 7by the play caller, so we wouldnt have to talk about Moore screwing the pooch.
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