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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Hula, I agree that overall the coaching staff was too conservative in this game. Most notable to me was that decision to run on third down with Hester, but I think it's possible Manning audibled into that play. I also think they should have taken a shot with the ball and two time outs at the end of regulation rather than kneeling. But I don't think the situation you're talking about called for anything but conservative. I don't think giving the ball back with ~75 seconds, ~80 yards, and no time outs is much of a gamble whereas passing the ball on third down is. The fact that they played the odds and lost is unfortunate, but that happened only because of a massive, lucky, highly unlikely failure. If we won like we should have nobody would be talking about this. Since the Ravens won on a miracle play it's being overblown.

Alas Tony, the bottom line is that this was an equal opportunity FUBAR screw up!! It took both incredible mistakes to lose this game.. even after all the other mistakes, bad luck and terrible calls that went against us, we still showed the resilence and will to win and we were going to win that game and very much should have!

It required both Fox and Moore to have to pull back to back MIND FARTS out of their arses in the last three minutes in order to snatch defeat from the hands of victory with this gift horse to the Ravens!
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