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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
^ Agree with everything you said, Med. But still think running the ball on that late 4th quarter 3rd down was the right call. It's the kneeling on the final regulation possession that I have a problem with.

And a question: if the leadership/decision making is that bad, how did they go 13-3 and win 11 straight? And barely be challenged in those 11? I tend to look at it more as a team that did not react well to, and handle, adversity.
I disagree with the 3rd down call completely and here is why.

I think you roll out sprint right option, which BAL will not be ready to defend, and hit a wide open TE in the Flat for the First down. If its not there, Peyton does not throw the ball away he simply slides feet first and eats the play and RUNS THE CLOCK. You lose 5-7 yards at worst and win the game if you get the easy completion. If you get the worst case scenario, you simply punt and DO NOT take the time out and keep the clock running even more. BAL still has to have Moore implode to Win the game, but you send the message we are here to play 60 Minutes, instead of here you take the ball and good luck!
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