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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
Wow, KCPUD is really butt-hurt over this team isn't he? So KC has the worst team in the NFL and he comes in ripping Denver for MAYBE not being as good as Houston or NE? We'll see on that Denver is improving every week. As far as KC at least he is not protesting that they are the worst team int he NFL with the Worst GM, Coach and QB in the NFL.
It is obvious our domination of the Saints is meaningless because kfc got a 250+ yard game out of Charles and the Saints found a way to lose to KFC in OT.

We are only in 1st place because of our record, if you match head to head records it will be abundantly clear that kfc is the better team, after all they squeaked out a miracle come from behind victory vs the Saints, then there is the this point kfcDUD's logic breaks down and catches fire like a Ford Pinto and he goes back to find a bigger sample size to massage stats to prove his point and move the goal posts yet again all so he can keep the fallacy alive in his mind that kfc is not the worst team in pro football.
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