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Originally Posted by Boobs McGee View Post
Question...can someone fill me in on what the hell is going on with Theon SPOILER: ( I don't recall ANY of this from the books...I just remember him coming back as Reek later on in the fifth one (i think). Who was the kid that saved him in last night's episode?? )
My guesses on Theon SPOILER: ( The kid is actually Ramsay Snow (Bastard of Bolton) and we are seeing the transformation from Theon to Reek. Ramsay saved Theon, which should help mold Theon into his plaything. )

As for Jon being sent to climb the wall with Tormond: SPOILER: ( Interesting that Tormond is climbing the wall. How do you think that will effect Jon's escape from the Wildlings, Bran's involvement, the attack of Castle black from the south, etc..? )
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