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Originally Posted by 24champbailey View Post
None of which will happen. Kings are more concerned with locking up 'Sully, signing Doughty, and getting Kopitar and JMFJ locked up as well. That's why our team salary is so low. I'm highly doubt Sully goes anywhere, Dean Lombardi thinks very highly of him and thats why we traded for him. He isn't going anywhere. As far as the Goalie situation...we have a goalie logjam and we will need to see what we got when training camp rolls around. No need to pick up an overpaid goalie right now.

Nothing will happen when you mention Sully, Kopitar et al. Those guys are being traded for overrated Goalies? Please. These rumors are silly and are just as retarded as the crap Eklund puts forth.
Well, word NOW is that the deal was rejected by the NHL.

I don't doubt what you say about who would get moved, but I do believe a deal is in the works, and Khabibulin to the Kings makes huge sense for both sides...
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