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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
You're just completely incapable of having an honest discussion when it involves Tebow.

You spent the last two seasons hating on everything he did, including when he won this team it's first division title and playoff game since Jake Plummer was the QB.

Then after looking like an idiot over all those anti-Tebow rants you frame all that angst that made you look like a whiny b**** as a problem with "Tebow's fans", like anyone who really puts the Broncos first and foremost as a football fan gives a **** what some trailer park Florida pan handle meth cooker thinks about the Denver Broncos.

Now instead of actually discussing the merits of Tebow the FOOTBALL PLAYER you come into threads like this, avoid real football discussion like the black plague, and label other Bronco fans as "Tebow fans" while showing a complete unwillingness to take any rebuttals seriously by discounting everything with "WELL NOW WE GOTS MANNING!" bull****.

Newsflash: A lot of real die hard Broncos fans saw that Tebow has a unique level of very real FOOTBALL TALENT last season. All of those people are real happy to have Manning. None of them SHOULD be happy to have Caleb Hanie backing him up.

It was a dumb football move made by a front office that isn't secure in their own ability to manage this team's image. It has downgraded the quality of this roster in a very real way. Is it something that will ruin a season? Well that depends on how healthy Peyton Manning is. But its a BIG gamble for jack **** payoff.

So grow up and talk real football on a football forum. Stop trying to turn this into a "his fans are bullies!" little school yard sissy fight to hide the axe you've been grinding for the guy since the first day he became a Bronco.
Oh please. PLEASE pull your head out of your ass.

Tebow's got a bright future. As a fullback. You've got a bright future as a Tebow biographer/sunshine blower.

I hope you enjoy your new fluffing career. Now wipe your chin.

Sad. You used to be one of my favorites here. But you have lost your goddamn (sorry, TEBOWdamn) mind.
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