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Originally Posted by TheElusiveKyleOrton View Post
Yep, you nailed it. I'd rather see the Broncos be a worse team.

Come ON, Drek. You're making yourself out to be the perfect example of a Tebowner who will not let go. You used to be a very reasonable poster here, but you've lost your damn mind when it comes to the Jets' punt protector.
No, I'm a Broncos fan who wants to see the FO put the best 53 man roster together every season.

I don't care where Tebow's career ends up in ten years if it means as a backup he wins the Broncos a title. I think he'll be successful in the NFL but I have no personal vestment in it. I only care about what he could do for the Broncos.

Lets play out the hypotheticals.

1. Manning gets hurt, misses 1-4 games. You send in Hanie you probably lose all of those games. You send in Tebow you can probably pick up half or better. So lets say we're 8-2 when Manning gets hurt and he's going to miss three games. Would you rather see Manning returning to a 8-5 team needing three strong outings to secure a playoff birth or a 9-4 at worse, but very likely a 10-3 team that has already locked up a playoff birth?

2. Its 3rd and goal on the one yard line. We need a touchdown. Who would you rather hand the ball to out of all our current RBs and Tebow? If you watched any of the 2011 Broncos that answer is obvious because Tebow was money like no one else when it came to finishing out red zone possessions.

3. Manning gets hurt week three and is done for the rest of his career. Do you put an obvious project in Osweiler on the field way too early, or do you let Caleb Hanie play us into a top 5 pick? With Tebow we likely could revert to the 2011 offense with a few new wrinkles and still grind away a solid season, very possibly another division title and playoff birth.

I just fail to see ANY scenario where the Broncos are more likely to win football games after exchanging Tebow for Hanie. All I care about is the Broncos winning meaningful football games. Tebow helps with that in any hypothetical you can draw up. So why in the world would you swap him for someone who does nothing but hurt you?
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