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I saw fans chanting for Tebow in the Raiders game last year after Eddie Royal dropped a pass that hit him directly in the hands. WR drops ball. Chant for QB. Got it.

I like Tim the person. I loved the run last year. The playoff win was a friggin' blast. But the Cult of Tebow is unreasonable.
It would be the same way in Cleveland this year, but they've already indicated a desire to get Weeden in. Or anywhere else that has a questionable journeyman at quarterback.

I think people are latching onto this "circus" idea because, once again, Tebow is polarizing and forces our brains to just come to some sort of extreme position. The new mantra is "I like the fellow, but his circus is unbearable."

Because it's harder to hold a more nuanced thought in our brains, which is "I can't figure what to do with Tebow in my brain. The guy looks bad but good things seem to happen with an encouraging frequency."

I think his "fans" just want him to get the shot that any other quarterback of his caliber would get, and to stop all the nonsense of him not being an NFL caliber QB.

His footwork looked pretty good to me on video yesterday.
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