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Originally Posted by Jay3 View Post
Just seems like everybody's transferring a bunch of internet furor to real life -- I just don't see how "the fans" have any ability to make trouble. The real pressure cooker for the last two years was that the team was losing its ass under Kyle Orton.
I don't know, I used to think that way until the oddly negative comments about Tebow, either directly (like D. Thomas) or indirectly (like, most recently, McGahee) from numerous players. I just think Tebow's presence, and or the circus atmosphere and attention that came with his presence, weighed on a lot of players. Check out this comment from Woody Paige, involving Brian Dawkins, that went largely unnoticed last month:

Not only did the Broncos sign a pro and an all-pro (four times) in 2009, they brought in a captain (who organized workouts during the lockout) and, most people outside the organization don't realize it, a religious man who was responsible for making life easier for Tim Tebow when he came to the Broncos and again when he became the starting quarterback.

Dawkins prevented all the non- believers in the locker room from rebuking or ridiculing Tebow.

Read more: Woody Paige: Denver Broncos' draft still a guessing game - The Denver Post
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I mean, seriously? Dawkins had to "protect" Tebow in the locker room? You just don't need that kind of sh*t going on within your organization, and I think a lot more was going on than we'll probably ever know about. And the Jets are about to find out all about it.

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