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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
I understand your frustration Drek. But at the same time, with the exception of the Steelers game, we got curb stomped by every good team we played last year. And once again with the exception of the Steelers game it appeared teams had figured out Tebow and the Tebow offense. The Steelers game is an outlier aided by a very banged up team that didn't play well and had a stupid game plan for whatever reason. Reality set back in when we played the Pats. Elway and Fox didn't think the future of this team was playing Tebow style football, they didn't want to deal with the distractions that Tebow brought, and clearly a lot of the players weren't happy with the whole situation based on the comments numerous players have made. Hell even McGahee, who benefitted greatly from Tebow, has made comments that indicate he's happier with the way things are now. I think the circus weighed on a lot of people last year.

Who would I rather have for one game? Tebow. But unfortunately the equation is a lot more complicated than that. The organization clearly viewed getting rid of Tebow to be a net positive. If we lose Manning for an extended period of time we're ****ed either way so let's hope we keep him upright and we won't need to think much about Tebow. Let them deal with the circus in NY.
1. Tebow was the most competitive aspect of our team in the regular season match up with New England. He had the offense rolling but the defense couldn't stop **** and McGahee (or was it Ball?) fumbled on a key drive in the second quarter. Capped off by Quan Cosby giving up another possession and 3 points to the Pats.

2. In the playoff game against New England our defense got ran off the damn field and our OL was completely unprepared. That game was a massive coaching failure, oddly enough right before both of our coordinators went for interviews with other teams.

3. The only games Tebow started where you can make a legitimate argument that his play lost the game for us was Buffalo (though the defense was already getting lit up before Tebow started turning the ball over) and Kansas City (where neither team could get any offense going).

4. I'm not arguing that the Broncos should have kept Tebow as the starter with Manning willing to come here. What I'm arguing is that the team suffered a net downgrade by replacing Tebow with Hanie when Tebow was obviously willing to work in a backup role and in special packages (like he now does for the Jets).

Right now there is no reason to think this team can win a single game if Manning gets hurt. Chicago had an elite defense and when they had to go with Hanie they turned into one of the worst teams in the entire league. Why do we think it'll be any different here?

A fear of Tebowmania is an excuse for b****es. A FO truly committed to doing everything needed to win a Super Bowl would have done the right thing, kept Tebow, incorporated him into our special teams, goal line, etc. packages, and knew that if Manning gets hurt they can roll the Tebow Cat offense back out and turn games into grind fests to keep competitive and salvage some W's while waiting on Manning.
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