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Originally Posted by Iron Clady View Post
I haven't watched SD this pre season. how do you guys look?
Running game looks 1000x better. Mathews looks like the real deal.

The passing game has been modified to do more quick passes. Rivers hasn't attempted a deep pass yet. No doubt this is to take the pressure off of Dombrowski at LT and because they don't have Jackson to throw to.

On defense, Cason and Cam Thomas, who both need to contribute big, are having a good pre-season so far. The d-line rotation they have now looks very strong as they've been stuffing the run so far (#1 rushing defense). The pass rush still looks to be anemic though, unless they bring a heavy blitz. The one concern that I have is that Jammer hasn't looked like his solid self so far. I don't know what's going on there.

But overall I think the defense should be an improvement over last year, if they can continue to stop the run.

In a strange way, it might be a blessing in disguise that Jackson and McNeill are holding out. I've been waiting for a more ball control offense from them. And it will play well with the defense being strong against the run. Maybe a little return to Martyball, if you will.
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