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yep blame everyone but DT for his lack of effort in this area.. Is there a lack of desire on his part to KNOW his job.. Has the coaching been that bad, that they did not teach him.. And EVEN if he was injured or his QB's were not Manning IMO it comes with the pay check to know your job and work at it.. learning the route tree does not mean he has to be on the field running them all the time.. Loads of this game is mental and if the mental prep has not been done, trying to run the tree well is not gonna happen.. just maybe the QB's had little faith in him and that was the reason they did not make him the Numero Uno guy.. I know that Manning will not waste time on him if he does not have it down stone cold .. he will look at him last after all the other options.. Someone on NFLN mentioned regardless the commentary should not have been even brought up.. I agree, perhaps he has no common sense.. Or worse..
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