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Originally Posted by 24champbailey View Post
No biggie, considering the Dodgers were almost willing to drop 30-35 mill on A-Rod. Plus it isn't a 100 million dollar contract over 6-7 years. the Dodgers draw about 50,000 fans a night and Dodgers owner Uncle Frank makes a killing off it.

I think he will do well in Dodger blue and hopefully we get rid of that worthless outfielder Pierre. Jones had a shoulder problem that hampered his power ability last year, any ballplayer with shoulder pain is going to have a less than spectacular season.

Imagine an outfield with Ethier, Jones and Kemp...SICK! Thats a very solid defense, plus Jones is an ideal middle of the order bat that the Dodgers desperately need.

Couple notes from YAHOO!

Kones is a winner of 10 consecutive Gold Glove awards who has 101 career assists and led National League outfielders in putouts last year with 396. Scouts said his range appeared to decline in 2005 and 2006, but he rebounded so well that sabermatrician and fielding expert John Dewan said in the 2008 Bill James Handbook, "perhaps we should crown (Jones) 'Comeback Fielder of the Year.' "

The Dodgers scouted Jones extensively and had new batting coach Don Mattingly watch video of the power hitter before making him an offer. Mattingly and others in the organization believe Jones' problems last season are correctable.

Andruw Jones is one of the most overrated players in baseball. He was amazing on defense, but that has declined a little bit. He is still a good defender.

Offensively, though, that is where he is overrated.
He has a whopping 1 season of hitting above .277. Only 5 seasons of hitting above .270. Only 5 seasons of over 100 RBI's. Only 4 seasons of scoring 100 or more runs. Based on his numbers, to me, it seems like he will be a .260ish hitter who will hit 30-40 homeruns and drive in 95ish runs.
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