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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
First post of this thread, June of 2012. Yeah, it is all about you coming in today. Oh brother ego, butch lady. Raiders sucking is way beyond you. Now if you want to talk about Raiders fan sucking, look no further than your posts on Faiders supposedly own HOFers and Rich Gannon for the HOF.
NOPE!!! It's about I can pimp slap all of you as much as I want in this thread because the mods won't send it to the horse's arse because it was started by a Bronco Fan!!! Like I don't know the dealio...

About Gannon, they are fighting for Stabler to be in, and Gannon's number and stats are FAR HIGHER than Stablers...

Gannon will make the HoF... Sorry folks - but it's going to happen within our lifetime!
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