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In case anyone's wondering, the Raiders are now officially out of the AFC West race.

Assuming they win out while Denver loses out, both teams finish 8-8. Under the same assumptions, the first tiebreaker (head to head) would split. The second tiebreaker (division record) would also split at 4-2 each. Denver would therefore advance according to the third tiebreaker (common opponents) on the basis of wins vs. Cincy and New Orleans.

Putting the Chargers into the mix would not change anything. Again, if the Raiders win out and the Chargers lose only against the Raiders while Denver loses out, all three teams finish 8-8. The first tiebreaker, under these assumptions, would be the winning percentage, considering only the head to head matches between the three teams. Denver would be 3-1, Oakland 2-2 and SD 1-3. Denver would advance.

Thus, the Raiders are not eligible for anything other than a wild card at this point, and frankly, I think they are on the edge of elimination there as well, if they haven't already been knocked out.
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