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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Fox has always been a conservative coach. That was the rep he got when he took the job. I remember Panthers fans complaining about that all the time.

Chiefs will most likely be drafting a QB, which I have full faith in Reid selecting.

And that rebuild isn't as big of a rebuild as what Denver will be facing when the forehead retires in a couple of years. Champ is descending every year, Rahim Moore sucks, and the rest of your secondary is suspect at best.

Manning has hidden plenty of problems up before and this is no different. You played struggling teams almost every game from November on while you struggled against quality teams like New England and Houston.

Manning should have sacked up about playing Eli and went to the 49ers. They were clearly the best option and he would be in the SB next month if he went there. Probably have a chance to win 2 SB's.

Good luck watching Marty 2.0 and Favre 2.0 lose in the playoffs next year!
Finally you point out Valid football points! The same points Kahn, I, and others have made in this thread all year.

Thing is we still have Manning under contract for a couple more years, we still have a better shot at winning the SB next year because of him.

Sure Champ is aging but we have 2 young CB's in Harris and Carter who are servicable, Harris is as good or better than Flowers. We have the luxury of drafting a RB, MLB, and Safety and filling out our depth whereas kFc is in desperation mode and has to hit on every move in order to compete next year. We kept pointing out how bad your team was all year and you glossed it over even as they went on an Historic 8 game streak without holding a lead in Regulation.

I could see your point about Manning and his Farve like INT being talked about for years if this was his last game ever but he signed on for 4 years, he will be back.

Back in 1996 when we lost to the Jags we had been to the SB but never won one, we went on to win Back to Back SB's the following years. We are a younger team than the 97-98 teams and have better cap room than back then. We can still afford to resign our Vets and lure away a quality FA if they want.

It is hard to swap out a QB and win the same year, even Kapernick has been on the 49ers for a couple years now and he learned the system. This is why when you guys keep saying your a QB away from winning it all I scoff because it takes time to get the QB and staffs on the same page, not to mention the talent needed to complement your QB.

I hope you don't jump off the deep end when kFc has to use it's 1st round pick on OL 1st.
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