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Yeah, that's exactly what I want. No guns. I don't own one or anything. I mean, "technically" it's considered an antique, but it still fires live, and is just as capable of killing today as it was 150 years ago. Of course, it's a muzzle loader and only able to fire one round at a time, but...when you think of it, I'm following more closely to the intent of the Second Amendment than most of you mouth-breathing gun crusaders.
Great great. You want guns. Just ones that are hopelessly useless in any practical application. And far more dangerous to the operator to boot. Weren't you saying something about accidental deaths before? Get a hundred million gun owners playing with black powder in their homes and then tell me how much you care about each and every life.

Then you have the constitutionality issue. The Second Amendment clearly allows for the ownership of guns. What it doesn't specifically allow for are weapons that no civilian has any business owning, and there is absolutely no case that can be made for the "need" to own assault rifles or 100 round clips.
So my freedom is based on what you feel I "need"

Maybe this'll include a Presidential EO requiring criminals to give 60 seconds notice before entry so musket nation has adequate time to get loaded and ready. (God help them if they miss)

BTW, the aurora shooter's 100-round magazine jammed (which they're notorious for). He would've done much more damage with smaller clips. They're pretty easy to change, you know. Quite unlike loading a musket.
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